Wood Fence

Wood Fence

Historically, the most common material that was used for fencing has been wood. However, as more and more material options became available, a lot of New Jersey homeowners have opted for the newer materials. Nevertheless, wood fences that are made of wood still have their advantages and disadvantages as what Flores Fences LLC lists down below:

Availability of Materials

One main advantage of a wood fence NJ is the availability of materials. Flores Fences LLC has a wide range of wood species that you can use for your fencing materials. Materials for wood fences are also available in home stores that carry them.

Easy to install

Wood fences are easy to install especially if you have a property that is not entirely flat. With materials such as vinyl, steel and aluminum, once you encounter a mound on your property, you cannot easily cut the material down so that you will have a fence with a level top. With wood fences, you can easily cut down the length of the wood to a length that would still give you a levelled fence. New Jersey families that love do-it-yourself projects will find building a wood fence a worthwhile bonding experience over the weekend.


You can customize your wood fence to add to the over-all aesthetics of your home. A number of New Jersey homes have wood fence that are customized to have a planter’s box on the top level. Wood fences with large planks can also serve as a medium for hanging up plants such as orchids and even additional light fixtures. Also, a wood fence NJ stained in a natural color will give a classier look. Wood fences such as those made up of Cedar wood can also give out a natural fresh fragrance that families can enjoy. Homeowners that enjoy gardening will find that a wood fence will best compliment their garden because it adds on a more natural look.

However, wood fences do have their disadvantage.


Although some wood varieties used as wood fences NJ are cheap to install, you may end up having a high cost in maintaining them. Wood is porous and if not treated properly can become susceptible to warping, molding and deforming. New Jersey areas which have high humidity need to make sure that their wood fences are properly treated against and water sealed. Wood fences are more prone to rotting especially if their posts are directly set in the ground. Flores Fences LLC suggests that the wooden posts be set in a concrete base to reduce the chances of the wood from becoming rotten.

All in all, the over-all appeal of wood fences has not waned over the course of history. While there are a number of New Jersey homeowners that choose the more modern fencing materials such as vinyl, steel or aluminum, the beauty of a natural wood fence can never be replaced. That is why a lot of homeowners still choose this type of fence even if it will require regular maintenance.

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