Vinyl Fences

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fencing is a type of synthetic fence that is made out of PVC or recycled plastics. They were first used in the agricultural industry in the 1980s to enclose large agricultural properties at a lower cost. Vinyl fence NJ eventually became used by New Jersey homeowners as an alternative fencing material for their own properties.

As far as its availability in the market goes, vinyl fencing in NJ is relatively new as compared to fences made from other materials such as wood, steel, chain link and aluminum. Flores Fences LLC, however, states that even with it being relative new, a lot of smart homeowners in the New Jersey counties of Burlington, Middlesex and Somerset have already opted for this new type of fencing material for the following advantages.

Durability and Reliability

Vinyl fences are stronger than their wooden counterparts and therefore it is more reliable to last for a very long time. Vinyl fences are also suitable to weather conditions in the New Jersey area since they can withstand extreme heat conditions as well as conditions where there is high humidity.

Long-lasting color

Since a vinyl fence is made out of very durable plastic, the coloration of the materials is also done during its manufacturing. This means that the color used will spread out through the entire depth of the material. This means that even if you scrape the outer surface of the material, you will still get the same color. Because of this, a vinyl fence is ideal for New Jersey owners who have pets that are fond of scratching their fences. Maintaining a vinyl fence is also easy since you only need to wipe it with soap and water to keep your fence as good as new. As compared to maintaining a wooden fence where you will need to refinish them from time to time, maintaining a vinyl fence will be next to nothing.


If seen from a short-term perspective, the cost of having a vinyl fence installed on New Jersey properties can be more expensive as compared to wood or chain link fences. However, if you take into account that a vinyl fence will not rot, rust nor fade in color; New Jersey property owners will actually be saving in the long run.


Most people associate synthetic with being unfriendly to the environment. Vinyl fences are non-toxic and their materials can be recycled to form other products or into new vinyl fences.

Flores Fences LLC believes in full disclosure to their clients about the fences that they are offering and therefore this company warns their New Jersey property owners about how vinyl fences are relatively harder to repair than other types of fences. Vinyl fences are durable and reliable; however there may be times when it may get damaged. Since vinyl fences are pre-formed, simply replacing a damaged component is not enough. You may end up replacing a whole section of the fence during repairs.

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