Removal of your damaged fence
Repair of fences in New Jersey
Installation of all types of fences residential and commercial

With the growing demands for a secure and durable fencing whether in residential or commercial environment come the numerous options for fencing contractors in New Jersey. Delivering unparalleled customer service, industry expertise for two decades and dedication to fulfil every expectation each client has, are just among the factors that set Flores Fences LLC from competitors in New Jersey.


Is your current fence an eyesore, being old, dirty and too broken to be fixed? How about a chance to spruce up your fence to alleviate the beauty in your property? Is your current fence not delivering the security you thought it could give your family? How about a switch to a more secure and sturdy type of fence, hard enough to keep you guarded and to deliver a sense of peace to the household? Allow our professional crew to conduct fence removal NJ services with zero mess at the end of the project.


If you’re looking for a fencing company that installs aesthetic pleasing and durable fences for residents in New Jersey, you’ve find one that could turn your expectations to satisfaction. With an added curb appeal, superior security offered and increased privacy, your home or commercial property is bound to get the best treatment and excellent result in the hands of our dedicated professional crew.

Over the years, we installed and worked with various types of fencing materials, such as:

  • Wood Fencing
  • Vinyl Fencing
  • Handrails
  • Mechanical Access Control Fencing
  • Temporary Construction Fence
  • Aluminum Fencing
  • Chain Link Fencing
  • Commercial Fencing
  • Stud Rail Fence

No matter what type of fence and style you choose, the color and finish of fencing will be tailored according to your taste in the highest standard of craftsmanship. Get it done just as how you envisioned it to be. Take your home improvement and fencing installation NJ to a higher level by making it one of the focal points of your residence.

We ensure our fences will serve its purpose even for years to come. So, we guarantee only the best quality for the materials we use. Our client’s satisfaction is our utmost priority. We build a lifelong relationship not just mere fences.


Why give up to a broken fence when it can be fixed by the fence experts? Save some bucks and allow us to make your fence back at work, providing you security and privacy from the outside.

We proudly serve homeowners and business owners throughout New Jersey. Be among the satisfied clients we have.

To learn more about the fencing services we offer and to help you make your decision, please give us a call and we will visit your house for a free in-home consultation.

What are you waiting for? Call us now at 732-720-5395 to get a free estimate and a chance to keep your home or property pleasing and well-secured day and night. Get the peace of mind that money can never buy! Get the security you’ve been wanting for your own place!

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