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Chainlink Fence installation services

Flores Fences LLC specializes in the installation and maintenance of security and privacy fences for New Jersey area residences. They install different types of fences such as wood fences, aluminum fences and chain link fences. Flores Fences LLC also advises property owners on what type of fence will be ideal for the property that needed to be enclosed in. A common type of fence that is used for enclosing public playgrounds and industrial properties is the chain link fence. However, New Jersey homeowners may also find that a chain link fence will be ideal for their property because of these benefits:

Varied Uses. Chain link fences are a popular choice for New Jersey homeowners because they use these fences for these specific reasons:

  • Contain their pets. For New Jersey homes with large backyards and numerous pets, chain link fences are ideal. Chain link fences are also useful for separating the larger dogs from the smaller ones.
  • Security. Chain link fences are also great in securing New Jersey homes. To provide more security, chain link fences can be of varied heights and the additional deterrents such as barbed wires can be added on top of the fences to prevent climbing.
  • To keep children safe. Chain link fences are also an excellent material to keep New Jersey children safe by providing them with a barrier from getting out on the streets.
  • Temporary use. Chain link fences are also ideal for temporarily enclosing an area. Since the steel posts can be pulled out of the ground and the chain fence rolled up when not in use, New Jersey residents can easily enclose an area for whatever purpose they may have.

Very durable

The main material used for chain link fences is galvanized steel which will last for a very long time. With additional finishing such as powder coating or painting, chain link fences can become corrosion and rust free. Because of the woven design of chain link fences, it easily lets harsh wind pass through it without damaging the fence. Another option to make chain link fences more durable is to choose the vinyl coated chain link fences. The vinyl coating protects the steel mesh from harsh weather conditions such as precipitation and high humidity that can cause it to rust or corrode.

Easily repaired

One benefit that New Jersey residents will get from using chain link fences is its ability to be repaired easily. Sections of damaged fences can easily be cut out and new sections can easily replace them.

Low cost

New Jersey residents who have very large properties will see the benefit of installing chain link fences because of its low cost. Chain link fences are also easier to install as compared to other fence types which reduce installation costs.

New Jersey homeowners must, however, check with their local zoning laws if there are restrictions on the use of chain link fences for their properties. A lot of times, there are New Jersey neighborhoods that only allow certain types of fencing in order to have a uniform appeal within the neighborhoods.

What cities do we serve? We serve in Central and South New Jersey, including Neptune, Asbury Park, East Windsor, Hamilton, Princeton, Trenton, Monroe, Freehold, Holmdel, Manalapan, Marlboro, Millstone, Howell, Red Bank, Colts Neck, Rumson and the New Jersey counties of Burlington, Ocean, Monmouth, Middlesex, Mercer and Somerset. Call us today to get a free estimate!

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