Privacy Fences

Privacy Fence

Gone are the days that you could just relax in your own backyard and know that you can do anything you want to because you know that no one will be looking at you. However, because of the increase in the number of houses in the New Jersey counties of Burlington, Ocean, Monmouth, Middlesex, Mercer and Somerset, getting a private moment in your backyard can be a rare occurrence. As larger condominium complexes are built on small lots, you may find yourself with neighbors who can easily see what you are doing from their second story windows. Moreover, you may also want to avoid seeing what your neighbors are doing in their own backyards. These are the times when a privacy fence will come in handy.

Flores Fences LLC is a company which specializes in installing security and privacy fences in the New Jersey area and its neighboring areas such as Neptune and Asbury Park to name a few. They recommend the use of a privacy fence NJ especially to homeowners who prefer to have what this type of fence is specifically designed for – privacy. There are a lot of benefits that New Jersey homeowners will get from a privacy fence. These are:


Privacy fences in New Jersey are designed primarily to block the view of your home. Because of this, they appear to be solid without any spaces that will allow anybody from outside the fence to peek in. Because of its being solid, a privacy fence will also serve as a barrier against the elements. It can act as a windbreaker and depending on its position, can also provide some shading.


New Jersey homeowners have utilized their privacy fences as a decorative medium which they can paint or stain on. For wooden privacy fences, a number of New Jersey residents are using their fences to hang plants and light fixtures that will spruce up the aesthetic look of their backyards.


Probably one of the main reasons why New Jersey homeowners choose a privacy fence is that it also offers protection along with privacy. It helps contain animals and young children within a safe boundary and keep prying eyes from looking into your property. A privacy fence will also be ideal for protecting the pool area of your home. Family members and guests who are swimming or just sun bathing will get peace of mind that no one is able to peek in to see them.

Noise reduction

A privacy fence NJ is also great in noise reduction. A privacy fence made out of thick wood will dampen down any outside noise so that it will be less intrusive on New Jersey homeowners. Also, New Jersey residents that love to party will not earn too much ire from neighboring homes since the noise they make will not be as loud as it would be without a privacy fence.

Whatever type of material you want your privacy fence be made out of, Flores Fences LLC will see to it that you get your money’s worth.

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